Lentil and Sweet Potato Curry

DSCF3912[1]This was meant to be lentil, sweet potato and chard curry. Unfortunately, due to recent heavy colds hitting most of the family, none of us has felt like cooking from scratch, and the chard has gone bad. So did the fresh ginger. Also, SOMEONE, naming no names (Not-So-Vegan Dada) used up the onion I was meaning for this curry. So it had to be made minus those ingredients, although I did have dried ginger to substitute.

Those of you who have been reading along since the start may have noticed I am not much of a stickler for the instructions in a recipe, omitting, substituting or ignoring bits as I wish. Consequently,  I may have to repeat some recipes in order to give them a fair review and this is one of them, as I am afraid without the missing bits, this one turned out rather bland. At least, I hope that’s why it was bland.


Anyway, review time. It was not difficult to source any of the ingredients exactly, although our local supermarket only sells chard as a mixed bag of salad and frankly I’d prefer spinach. It didn’t take loads of dishes or preparation time nor did it require anything to be prepared in advance. It was not a complicated dish to make but it did take about ten minutes longer to cook than it said it would. It bothers me that it only uses half a lime in the coconut yogurt because I am not great at using up random bits. I am trying to work on that though.

Me: As I said before, this was disappointingly bland. I wanted to like it, as I like all the ingredients and it smelled great but I just got bored half-way through eating it. Maybe second go round, done properly, it will be better. At the moment, for speed and taste, I would choose to use Quorn and Meridian curry sauces (vegan friendly).

The Not-So-Vegan-Dada: Nice but it needs a stronger flavour. It’s got a good flavour but it just needs…more.

The Fussy Pre-Teen: She wasn’t present for this meal as she was out visiting.

The Food-Lovin’ Baba: She seemed to like it. She didn’t finish all of it (she rarely does) but these pictures speak for themselves.



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