Falafel Tacos with Sriracha and Tahini Sauce

Tofu sour cream, pre-blending

First off, I should say that the title of this post is slightly misleading. Although the original recipe calls for sriracha, we have a cupboard full of various hot sauces and it seemed silly to go and buy another one, so we used chipotle. So, technically, we made falafel tacos with chipotle-tahini sauce. We started with the tofu sour cream, which was easy to make. I didn’t have too much trouble sourcing the ingredients, although I did have to go to an Asian supermarket for some of them as our usual store didn’t have tofu or miso. It was the first time I had used my blender (it was a birthday present from my husband) so I was a bit nervous due to the funny burning rubber smell new electrical goods give off.


The Not-So-Vegan Dada squeezing lemons

After that we made to the chipotle-tahini sauce. Again, no real issues sourcing ingredients or making the sauce. It was with the falafels that the problems started. Firstly, the recipe states that we needed to use chickpea flour. I searched in my usual supermarket, in the flour section and then the free-from section, which stocks alternative flours. Nothing. So I substituted wheat flour. The day after we made this, my mother told me she uses Gram flour, which can be found in the world foods section, next to the lentils. Lo and behold, in tiny writing, in French, the Gram flour packet declares it to be made of… chickpeas. Sigh.  It was there the whole time.

Ready to blend the falafels…or not.

Secondly, the instructions in the book say to put all the ingredients in the food processor and then blend. I don’t know if a food processor and a blender are maybe not quite the same thing, but my blender couldn’t do it. We ended up having to tip most of it out and add it in again in bits. It was really not blending well, so my husband suggested we add water. That did get things blending, but then it was goopy, rather than doughy. I ended up adding loads of flour to compensate. It killed the flavour. I have never had falafels before, but I don’t think they are supposed to be bland and pasty. I reckon we under-cooked them. Our oven is temperamental. Honestly, because they wouldn’t roll into balls, they looked a bit iffy.

At one point I said, “Right, let’s get this crap in the oven.”

My husband replied, “It doesn’t inspire much confidence in the food when the chef calls it crap.” Yeah. Not much confidence at all.

Not what a falafel is supposed to look like, right?

My mother says, as she doesn’t have a blender, she just uses a potato masher to mash the chickpeas. Frankly, between figuring out the new blender, the lack of it blending stuff and figuring out the new recipe, a meal that should have taken a maximum of an hour took more like two and a half…I’m thinking next time I will do it my mum’s way. But the important questions are, did we like the meal? Would we eat it again?

The Not-So-Vegan Dada: The tofu sour cream is not as good as actual sour cream. I like the chipotle-tahini sauce. The falafels were OK but I think we messed them up. I would try it again.

The Fussy Pre-teen: I don’t like it.

The Maybe Vegan Mama: I think the tofu sour cream is an acceptable substitute. I liked the meal but it needs another attempt.

The Food-Lovin’ Baba: The Baba did not try the food due to the lateness of its preparation and her having to go to bed. She will definitely be involved in our second attempt though.

It was a bit of a rocky start to the experiment, I have to admit. Hopefully the next recipe will go a little bit smoother!

The finished product





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