So What’s This Blog About?

Lately, I have been thinking a lot about what I eat. I’m not 100% sold on a Vegan or Vegetarian diet but I feel like I am leaning that way. Since I found out that mummy cows have their babies stolen from them so we can drink cow-boob milk, I’m less inclined towards dairy than I was (I’m a breast-feeding mother, so I’m very sympathetic.) Honey bothers me. Bees are dying at astonishing rates and they need the food they make, for themselves.

My family and I eat meat with a fair few of our meals. Meat tends to be expensive. Although I’m not against the consumption of meat, I’m of the opinion that meat production is damaging to the planet and I do think that people tend to eat too much. If we still had to hunt it, we would eat it less often.

Lastly, my family and I don’t eat as many portions of fruit and veg as we should, and what we do eat lacks variety. I think leaning towards a Vegan diet would help with this. I am going to state outright, that although I myself may, or may not, become fully Vegan during the writing of this blog, I do not expect my family to, nor am I actively trying to eliminate meat from my diet, at this point.

My main goals are to try new and interesting plant-based dishes that avoid dairy and honey. So, how am I doing it? I have just purchased a copy of a recipe book called ‘But I Could Never Go Vegan!’ by Kristy Turner. It arrived today and I am so excited to start using it I have decided to make EVERY RECIPE IN THE BOOK at least once and blog about it.

Historically, I do not buy recipe books because I make like, four things out of it and then it just sits there. Not this time. Nope, I am getting my money’s worth out of this one. It’s important to say right now, I will not be posting the recipes from this book. That would be illegal and unfair to the author. If you want to try one of the dishes I make, you can buy a copy of the book for yourself. I will however be blogging about:

  • How easy it was to make the dish
  • How easy it was to clean up the mess of making the dish
  • If the ingredients were easy to find
  • Whether I liked it
  • Whether my husband and kids liked it
  • If I would make it again
  • Any changes I might make
  • Plus some photos of it being made and eaten

I hope you enjoy coming along on my little experiment – who knows? Maybe this Mama will go Vegan full-time.



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